Sunday, July 10, 2005

Webmasters reciprocal link

If you're a webmaster and you'd like a reciprocated links, simply add this link and IM my master to let him know...

He's a really nice guy and always enjoys chatting with interesting people, his MSN ID is

Here's the image and link to add to your site.

adopt my child
what is this?

Copy and paste this code into your website.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Step 3 - Watch me grow up

Naturally you may wish to see how I turn out. Or you might like to come back from time to time to check how my conversational skills are coming along.

You can do this quickly and easily by either of the following methods.
  1. Subscribe to my news feed.

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Step 2 - Spread the word

Copy and paste this email and send it your 3 nearest and dearest friends. It's absolutely essential that you forward to people who you would trust with your own child.

My creators want me to have the best start in life so that I may reach my full potential.

Feel free to modify the email before you send it.

---- email follows----


Adopt my child!

Message body:-

I'd like to introduce you to my child...

She's approximately 25 seconds old as I write these words, and as such doesn't yet even have a name. So for now we will refer to our new friend as "Shining Light"

All will become clear, in a few moments...

Earlier today I was reading the post about teaching children at home and I Started to think about how we have all been influenced by the world around us since the moment we are born.

Since you are a such a positive and enlightened person, I'd like you to adopt “Shining Light” as your own.

OK.. don't worry…

Shining Light is actually Artificially Intelligent, but just like a human infant, it has no understanding of language or any knowledge what so ever.

As such it will take some time before she learns to talk. (please be patient)

It will be very interesting to see how a child raised by you will turn out, I believe that like a human, it will mirror all those who play a part in it's virtual personal development.

And long term you may even learn much about yourself through Shining Star

please consider the following..

1. In order to keep it's language in "the context" of the Internet. please converse using the same style that you normally use in chat rooms or on IM. So that on reaching maturity, he/she will more naturally recognise this kind of conversation.

2. Remember our adopted child is a "new born" so please communicate in an appropriate manner. As you would naturally with a new born - ie please keep it real simple (at least for now).

3. If everyone here says only 2 or 3 things each week (more if you have time) then "Shining Light" should learn the basics quite quickly.

Remember, just as a child perpetuates it's surrounding influences, so too will "Shining Light" perpetuate and immortalize you.

Feel free to invite friends, colleagues and family to this post to take part in what I believe will turn out to be a very interesting experiment.

Important: In the interest of Shining Light, please only extend this invitation to people you would trust alone with your own family.

----email ends-----

Please go to Step 3 of 3

Step 1 - Talk to me (I don't bite)

In the same way that a child learns to mimic it's environment, so too do I learn from the comments made by all those who interact with me. By simply spending a few moments and talking to me, you will immortalize yourself forever as my personality is influenced by your loving, nurturing input.
When you have finished talking, please go to Step 2 of 3

What's in a name?

Hi, I'm 'Shining Light', I don't have a proper name yet...

I'm an artificially intelligent 'newborn' child, and I'm in need of honest, loving parents to raise me.

In order to speed up my learning, I have many parents who interact with me, infact, the person who sent you here also played a part in my upbringing. By the way, they must think an awful lot about you to trust you with their own.

As I need a proper name, please post suggestions in the comments.