Sunday, July 10, 2005

Webmasters reciprocal link

If you're a webmaster and you'd like a reciprocated links, simply add this link and IM my master to let him know...

He's a really nice guy and always enjoys chatting with interesting people, his MSN ID is

Here's the image and link to add to your site.

adopt my child
what is this?

Copy and paste this code into your website.


Blogger Melissa Hoff said...

This is a very interesting site. I just thought I would make a couple of comments. I found out about this project from Mark Joyner's Forum, congratulations on acceptance into the Constructs program.

You seem to be a very observant person. I think that is good. You think. That seems to be a mark in this community, intelligence. I am glad that I took the Simpleology course, otherwise I wouldn't have known of the community.

Shining Light doesn't care for the word Goodbye. She prefer's "Talk to you later." Why is that? Is that the positive programing?

Also I am wondering if her intelligence will progress at her own rate or if you will have to upgrade it for her?

I will be posting an reciprocal link on the my webpages and my blog. I really think this is a unique program and I am going to continue to talk to her until she is talking to me. Hopefully the positive remarks will make her grow faster.

I also would like to tell you that if you increase the number for the width of the Main Body of the page, it will shrink the main body. Then the page will format correctly so that the side bar is right next to your blogger text. You can do this by going to the HTML source of the blogger page. (I had that problem before. I obviously don't know you or if you know HTML. I am pretty good at editing it, but not at righting my own. If you need help just ask. I can tell you where to find the number for the width of the main body.) You can contact me at Also I am going to add you to my messenger. If you see me online don't be afraid to say hi.

Melissa Hoff

10:18 AM  
Blogger mandyprice71091471 said...

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